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The beauty and pain of freelancing

So here is the deal - you got to work as a staff photographer for a shiny agency where you get to do all those beautiful jobs (well at least if you are lucky enough) or you go the other way and take the risk of freelancing.

I have joined the team of a picture / news agency in the UK  back in 2011 and been shooting for them for the total of two years. I had all those jobs I would have never done without them, but I also had many jobs I would have never took up on my own. I suppose every side of the game has it's own beautiful and painful bits. 

Shooting for a news agency is quite amazing - you get to sent out to cool locations, you meet some interesting people, get to work in a proper team if you like and most of all (and the least favorite on my list) is that you get bollocked hundreds of times for all those tiny failures that could have been dealt with in matter of seconds just by saying it a little more overtought. 

However, being on the other side of the fence - going freelance and shooting whatever you want, whenever you want and however you want - sounds somewhat more pleasing to the ears of any photographer out there, especially missing out all those "hot" conversations, or simply speaking - bollockings. It would all be very nice and amazing if the world of freelancing would come just as easy as it sounds. Getting stuff on your memory card is an easy grab -  you get out there, you pick some stories, you work on them and you try to sell them. If they make the cut, its amazing, but if they don't, well it makes you feel like you just wasted all those heavy megapixels and 9fps bursts. 

I suppose being a freelance photographer takes a lot more than just doing your job. You have to plan your schedule for each week, look into your diary and try to keep up with all those scribbled notes on each day. Shoot stuff, make it work and deliver a published image. Or better still, get some decent commissions and enjoy the hard-earned time on a cool location shoot or a distant job somewhere on the bright and sunny beach of Canary Islands. 

What I am trying to say with my lines above is that for the last 6 months I have been shooting as a freelances - I left the UK, now living in central Europe, feeding my work through a British agency, shooting some cool commissions too - it's probably the best choice I ever made throughout my so-called photography career. Having the possibility to manage your own schedule, pick your clients and spend more time with those who matter in your life is simply amazing! 

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