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The man behind the amazing home-made supercar Mclaren F1

Back in 2013, just before Christmas, I had the pleasure to go and meet the world's coolest man in Zabrze, Poland. It was a commission to shoot a video/still feature of the amazing car enthusiast and builde Jacek Mazur. The shoot was a pretty straight forward job - to show what this brilliant man can put together with his two hands and a great automotive knowledge.

Jacek Mazur,48, a car enthusiast from Zabrze, Poland who has built several sports cars from scratch over the last 25 years. Pictured: Jacek and his F1 Mclaren pictured outside his garage in Zabrze, Poland. Pic: Robert Nemeti @ Robert Nemeti/Barcroft Media +44 /0/7510 354 257 UK +421 /0/915 438 447 EUROPE www.robertnemeti.com robert@nemetiphotos.com

The journey for the shoot was some 500 miles away from my office. Drove down to Poland, Jacek and his good friend were already waiting for me in their awesome garage. We had some great home-made polish cakes and a great kick of some strong coffee. We planned the day, separated the video and the still shooting.

We got this pretty decent looking portrait of Jacek and his newly built Mclaren F1. Put some orange strobes inside his garage that were shooting towards him through the dirty, tinted glass doors, giving us a great warm source of light. Then we put a huge softbox above him from camera left - making this the key light in the frame. This is a sort of "hero" shot that I usually shoot on a feature job.

Then we got some "behind the scenes" shot to describe the story behind the car - the building process, the frame of the car and the interior of the garage. 

Once we had all the needed stills, we moved on with the video shoot. This was actually the hardest part of the entire job - shooting inside a pretty fast car, doing a whopping 0-60 MPH in less than 3 seconds - gotta tell you that a steadicam would have been more than handy while shooting from inside! I am not a big fan of video shake but I think I might just got away with it this time! 

Some panning shots, some interior stuff, Jacek getting in and out and a nice interview of himself. Here you can see the video that has been watched all over the world nearly 700 000 times now! Great result, great media coverage of the story and another brilliant man on my list I had the pleasure to work and shoot with! 

You can read the whole story over here on the Daily Mail portal: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2525154/Jacek-Mazur-builds-McLaren-F1-Porsche-Lamborghini-scrap.html

More to come soon, take care folks! 

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